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Course Duration: 12 hours

Assignments Duration: 4 hours

Total Tests: 6

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About ADO.NET (ADO dotnet) course:

This course designed for someone who wants to understand ADO.NET Technology from the beginning to complete ADO.NET features.

Course Key features :

1. All concepts are explained on the board with the help of diagrams.
2. All concepts explained with simplified samples.
3. Each topic having exercise/Assignments.
4. In-depth subject understanding and hence you will get expertise on ADO.NET.
5. Each topic having carefully selected question for testing the subject knowledge.

Course content :

This course is divided into 12 modules.
ADO Intro : This module explains about the importance of ADO.NET and will briefly summarizes different components of ADO.NET .
ADO Story : In this module a short story is briefed by the trainer to make ADO.NET understanding easy, finally related all the entities present in the story with ADO.NET components.
Connection and Command Methods : This module explains about the different methods used in Connection and Command Objects like Open, Close, ExecuteScalar, ExecuteNonQuery and ExecuteReader.
Insert Update Delete Operation : This module explains about basic CRUD operations which includes Insert Update Delete Operation also in this module you will understand the standard way of writing code.
DataReader : This module explains about how to Read data present in a DataReader and how to get data into a DataReader object.
Calling Stored Procedure : This module explains How to call a Stored procedure from, explains about How to pass data into parameters and also you will understand how to call as stored procedure which takes output parameters.
Datasets : This module explains about How to create, read and modify data present in a dataset tables. This module also explains about how send modified data from a dataset to a database
Connection Pooling : This module explains the use of connection pooling and internals of connection pooling.
MARS : This module explains the use of MARS or Multiple active result sets and how to activate MARS.
Transactions : This module explains how to perform transactions in ADO.NET including commit and rollback operations.
Gridview : In this module you will understand basic structure of gridview control and explains about how to perform edit update and delete operations in gridview control.
3Layered Architecture : In this module you will understand how to create a 3 layered architecture applications and you will understand more about UI Layer, Business Access Layer, Data Access Layer and the importance of business objects.

Pre Requisites :

1. Prior C# language knowledge is required.
2. Prior basic knowledge is required.
3. Prior SQL Server Or t-sql programming skill is required.

who should go for this course?

1. Any one who is aware of c#,, and SQL.
2. Any working professional who is already working for any IT company.
3. Any school student who is having ADO.NET technology in their academics.

Why Palle University?

1. The trainers in Palle University are well experienced.
2. Average IT industry experience of our trainers is 10 years.
3. All the concepts are explained with traditional boards.
4. All concepts are explained with the help of diagrams.
5. Sequence of tests are included after each and every topic.

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